These days, space is no longer the exclusive domain of governments and institutions like NASA and ESA. Space offers boundless technology and business opportunities. To open the market for commercial space, frequency must increase, costs should drop and capabilities should dramatically improve. Key to commerciality of space is reusability. Engines, vehicles must have high usage rates, low serviceability requirements (quick turn times) and long life. 

Meet the Xcor Team

John H. (Jay) Gibson, II Chief Executive Officer, President
Michael Valant Director of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer
Maarten Elshove Global Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Michiel Mol XCOR Space Expeditions Co-Founder
Lee Valentine XCOR Board Member
Esther Dyson XCOR Board Member
Mark Hoogendoorn XCOR Board Member
Michael Gass XCOR Board Member

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Investor Relations

XCOR Aerospace is a privately held company with an experienced management team. We have demonstrated revenue growth every year since inception. The company seeks angel and institutional investors who want to be part of a team dedicated to long-term growth. Our investors include leaders in the fields of software development, medicine, finance and aerospace. We offer investment to SEC-accredited investors. Information concerning SEC criteria for accredited investors can be found here.