Texas Innovation: Governor Rick Perry Singles out XCOR and Midland

Yesterday XCOR Chief Operating Officer Jeff Greason travelled to Austin to attend the Texas Governor’s State of the State address.

Governor Perry Highlights XCOR in State of the State

Full text of the Governor’s speech can be found here, and Governor Perry’s remarks related to XCOR are found at the 7-minute mark:

“And just last June, Texas took another giant leap into commercial space, as XCOR Aerospace, a leader in the privatized space race, brought its research and development center to Midland.

They’re part of a growing Texas presence in this important market, which includes businesses like SpaceX and Blue Origin.”

Giant leap indeed.

Andrew Nelson appears on HuffPo Live, Fortune covers XCOR, and Marketplace on the Unilever-XCOR deal


The past couple of weeks have seen a lot of activity  for XCOR in television, print and radio.

Here are a few of our favorites, starting with XCOR Chief Operating Officer Andrew Nelson at Huffington Post Live back on January 9:

Our favorite were the brilliant string of questions from Zac and Mitch, especially Zac’s mind-blowing question “How did gravity, like, form?” at 8:40 (and beyond).
Zac and Mitch

So how did gravity form? Let us know in the comments how you’d describe it about in 25 words or less….

“In the other corner, a scrappy band of rocket engineers at XCOR Aerospace.”

At the XCOR hangar in Mojave…

Peter Elkind of Fortune published a very compelling piece on the future of commercial space here in Mojave.  Keeper quote as usual comes from Jeff Greason: “We are not an industry that can ship beta.”

There is also a nice online sidebar with XCOR Chief Test Pilot Rick Searfoss.

Marketplace also did a nice segment on the Unilever deal, and we could not agree more that commercial space and these types of marketing excursions can only help to open the space frontier.  This campaign is only the beginning.  Stay tuned for more!