Today’s news: One more step

We are excited to announce the most recent major milestone in our Lynx engine program, truly a part of aviation and space history: a 67-second fully pump-fed firing of our XR-5K18 rocket engine (and the first firing of a full piston pump-powered rocket engine in history).

For details, do read the release. Here we will just say that we believe this is leading toward a new era of fully reusable and reliable spacecraft.

XCOR CEO Jeff Greason inspects the Lynx main engine after a hotfire test while Chief Test Engineer Doug Jones looks on.

As the Lynx engine program continues to evolve we anticipate that the net result will be a dramatic reduction in per-flight costs and turnaround time, and that it will lead to a serious increase in affordable and routine spaceflight.

And with pumps as powerful as turbines but as reliable as automotive engines, today’s news on the 5K18 program is one more step toward the goal of true reusability and reliability.

We hope you join us.

Shock diamonds are visible during a test of the Lynx main engine. The diamonds are an interaction between supersonic gasses escaping from the engine and the pressure of earth’s atmosphere.

Jeremy Voigt prepares to test fire the Lynx main engine at XCOR’s test site on the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, CA