XCOR at CAF AIRSHO (via Terri Carroll of XCOR)

2013-10-12 13.55.21

Future astronauts visit the Lynx model at the CAF AIRSHO in Midland, Texas.

Update via Terri Carroll of XCOR, currently in Midland, Texas:

“This weekend XCOR is busy at the CAF AIRSHO in Midland, giving tours of our full-scale Lynx model and discussing XCOR plans with attendees.

We spent Saturday introducing visitors to the company and escorting children through the Lynx cockpit. About half of our visitors were surprised to learn that their local airport would soon become a space port, and kids sitting in Lynx were thrilled to find out they could one day visit the space port to watch the vehicle take off to space–and perhaps even take a trip themselves.


Blurry but still awesome: The Shockwave Jet Truck powers down the runway at the airshow. Impressive! –Via Greg Claxton of XCOR

The most frequently asked question is “when will you be here?”

We are in fact already here! We’ve hired five Midlanders already–some of whom are at our AIRSHO booth this weekend, and our presence is increasing in the community (including today!)

Visitors also asked a number of questions about XCOR jobs. Stay tuned by following XCOR on Twitter and through our jobs page, where we will continue to list new postings over the coming months.