Where in the world is XCOR?

Above, the full-scale Lynx model at the Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference in Broomfield, Colorado this past June.

We have had a lot of questions the past few weeks about where to find our full-scale model this fall.

Over the coming month, our Lynx full-scale will be back on tour in Texas!

For starters, you can catch Lynx at the Commemorative Airforce Airsho in Midland, Texas on October 12-13. There will be a very good contingent of XCORians that weekend to answer any questions, and we’d love to see you there.

As always you will be able to hop in and experience Lynx for yourself.

And as more travel dates appear, we will let you know!


An update on that question about who made the NASA Marshall tri-sonic wind tunnel. The 14-Inch Tunnel began its life with the Army in the late 1950′s under the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA). A bit more on the Shuttle history with the tunnel here.