Your Questions. Our Answers. New questions, a video and where to find us on the road.

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Alright, end of week two!

So today we are going to give you a couple of videos, and answer a couple of questions.

Questions first.


Please let us know in the comments if you have questions and we will answer them (as possible).

Several questions came in from the past couple of days, here are the answers.

First, what does Kerosene *do* onboard Lynx? Does it cool the engine or fuel it? The answer is “both.”

Second, who built the tri-sonic wind tunnel in yesterday’s shot from Huntsville, Alabama? The answer there is NASA.

UPDATED QUESTION: And finally, do participants sit up front with the pilot, in a space suit when flying on Lynx? The answer is an emphatic “yes, just you and the pilot-astronaut, both in spacesuits!”

UPDATED COMMENT: Another comment worth mentioning. A fan on Facebook posted that he is “Pretty excited… although you guys [could stand to] post test and simulation videos. You could also give more enginnering info, get more technical. The cool stuff is hidden in there!”

We agree. We have only just begun!

In the near future, we will have lots more videos and technical information, and open up Fridays to live chats with the XCOR team–where you can ask them questions directly. More to come!


Here is a video of chief test pilot Rick Searfoss last week discussing Lynx at the Commercial Spaceflight Federation’s Members Meeting in Houston. His part starts around the 1:22 mark.

In the coming week we will share some developments about where to find the full-scale Lynx on the road, and what XCOR will be doing at a couple of upcoming conferences and events!

Have a great weekend. And again, questions please!