Where and how to connect with XCOR online


Today marks the last day of the first week of the journey!

Friday is also the day we wrap each week, look ahead, update you on where you can find XCOR in the media, and at conferences and all the rest.

This particular post is to let you know how and where to connect with us (see below for the channel links).

Note that on Fridays we will also host some live conversations, and most often we will reply–in posts and comments–right here on the blog and on Twitter.

We are also asking for feedback from you, and highlighting the best responses as they come in: what you love, what you want to see, all of it. All we need to do is keep it constructive and remain relevant to the discussion at hand.

If you have inquiries not related to a post, feel free to email bryan [at] xcor [dot] com.


Here is how you can reach XCOR:

For rapid updates, head to Twitter.

Facebook will have just as much content as Twitter, including live video embeds as discussions begin this fall.

Flickr is where you can find our photo archives, starting Monday.

YouTube is where we keep our videos. If you’re into Vimeo, we are there as well.

Google+ is where we will host live discussions. More on that soon.

And if you are all business all the time (or just really like LinkedIn), connect with us on Linkedin.

Next week we’ll start the full court press, providing you with an ongoing and daily update of the various Lynx systems and subsystems we’ve been building, and the processes in place to bring you the coolest spacecraft ever.

Thank you for joining with us on this incredible journey, and have a great weekend!