A Day in the Life of a Cold Flow, Part Two: Bottle Trailer


Jeremy Voigt (Control) and Ray Fitting (Red Team) are shown maneuvering the test stand into position with a hitch dolly.

The bottle trailer is a test stand we use to supply our valves and tanks will pressurization gas. The trailer holds 10 gaseous helium tanks and 8 gaseous nitrogen tanks. It also carries a standalone gaseous nitrogen sphere that bypasses the normal test stand plumbing for use in and around the hangar.


Ray Fitting opens one of the valves on a bottle trailer tank.

The idea behind the bottle trailer is similar to that of XCOR’s other test stands.  We needed a mobile platform that could be versatile and make our pressurization gasses available wherever our testing might be conducted.

After LOX fill, the stand is moved into position in front of the hangar doors and the bottle trailer is rolled up next to it.  Plumbing lines are connected between the two test stands and we are ready to get underway

Tomorrow: join us as we set-up for a cold flow.

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  • Rocketplumber

    I found that sphere at Norton Sales back in 2001 or 2002. After digging through their legbreaker pile of bottles for an hour, I went to their back lot just as the clouds parted and a sunbeam lit up a sphere resting on top of a ten-foot pile of miscellaneous junk. It was a “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” moment, lacking only the heavenly choir.