A Day in the Life of a Cold Flow, Part Three: Setup

So we’ve covered the rollout and bottle trailer, today we’ll show you a bit about the cold flow setup.


Geoff Licciardello acts as control, Jeremy Voigt reads checklist, and Lee Draper and Dale Amon perform Data Acquisition. More on the specifics of each role can be found here.

Instead of a control bunker, a table is set with the same control box and data acquisition setup we would have for a live hotfire. Since cold flows are close by the hangar, crews larger than those at a hot fire can participate in discussions between flows.

04_WED_2_12-09-12_90sec-coldflow-8648XCOR CEO Jeff Greason keeps a keen eye on the test for any sign of a problem.


A number of XCOR staff discuss the results of a cold flow and decide what to do next.

Tomorrow, experience the cold flow!

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