XCOR Lynx: How to follow the build

Lynx Cockpit

Your view from inside the Lynx cockpit

Beginning each day next week at 9am PST, Monday through Friday, we will post a piece of the Lynx story online.

We will start with background on Lynx systems and subsystems and how they’ve been developed, tested and integrated. Each day will be reserved for a different set of systems and subsystems.

On Monday, we follow Lynx propulsion system development, starting with the origins of the Lynx main engine, the 5K18. We cover its main parts, a bit about our design-build-test approach, move to subjects such as cold flow tests and hotfires, and take a deeper look inside Lynx thrusters (the 3N22).

Every Tuesday we give you an inside look at the Lynx cockpit and avionics.

Wednesday we cover the Lynx structure, strakes, fuselage, landing gear, nose and wings.

On Thursday we take a look at aerodynamics, modeling, simulation and test processes / results and regulatory matters.

And Friday is reserved for updates on the coming week at XCOR, live chats and ensuring you have your questions answered from the past several days.

Tomorrow we kick off the series with an introduction to Lynx aerodynamics, and in particular with a pretty cool near-final design image.

Stay tuned.