Meet the Crew: Derek Nye, XCOR A&P


Bryan Campen: What are you doing in this photo? What are you thinking?

Derek Nye: I think this was the first time we had the gear assembled, and I was going over and becoming more familiar with the gear. It was just introduced to me that day, and since I am an A&P and have knowledge of gear and pistons, I familiarized myself with the nose gear.

BC: What’s your title? What are your responsibilities?

DN: Composites Tech and A & P. Responsibilities include producing mockups of various parts of the Lynx, either in carbon fiber, fiberglass, or other composites materials we are interested in building for Lynx. For example I recently finished building a ladder (below) that one of our engineers designed so that we can test whether the design works or not. photo(1)

Previous responsibilities also include serving on the 5K18 red team test crew, where I had fabricated pressure lines, and maintained the Lynx engine for testing.

BC: Do you have a nickname?

DN: D-Nye (“Dee-nigh”)

BC: How many years have you been at XCOR?

DN: I’ve been here about a year and a quarter now.

BC: I hear you also like video games. What are you currently playing?

DN: Love XBOX, and my favorite  game is probably Mass Effect. A couple others: Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire.


Pictured: The Nye family on a recent evening stroll.

My wife and I have the Halo series as well, so we play that.

BC: What are you currently reading?

DN: I do a lot of audiobooks. When I  read I tend to read more nonfiction than fiction—for instance science, politics, psychology. Currently reading Free Will by Sam Harris and a book called Quiet by Susan Kane.

Quiet is about people who are naturally more introverted, and how that skillset is eroded by a more imposed cultural norm of extroversion. I’m also reading How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker, a pretty good neurology book.

BC: Favorite saying?

kingDN: “Nothing is more dangerous in all the world than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –Martin Luther King

BC: Will you fly on Lynx?

DN: Definitely.