Slosh tests for wing strakes


XCOR’s Jeff Greason and Dan Delong conduct slosh tests using water in an engineering model of a single strake fuel tank.  These slosh tests help determine where baffles are needed in each tank to control the sloshing of Lynx fuel along the strake tank walls.


 Above, center: Note the position of the fuel tanks, wing strakes, strake thrusters (RCS) and main landing gear in the Lynx cutaway.

In function, each strake contains four of  Lynx’s kerosene fuel tanks, the main landing gear for each side of the aircraft, and two reaction control thrusters that are used to maneuver the vehicle when it is outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

In the coming weeks we’ll show you more background on Lynx wing strakes, including some really cool shots and more on their geometry and function.