The story continues: Follow the build


XCOR A&P Derek Nye prepares the inside of the Lynx Mk. I fuselage to receive the flight LOX tank.

Welcome back.

Over the coming year XCOR is developing its first spacecraft. And as one of our guys just said, this is the year of the Lynx. As discussed back in September we are taking you through that journey, post by post to first flight.

Next, we will kick off weekly coverage of all things XCOR—and Lynx—through a new Q&A with XCOR Chief Executive Officer Jeff Greason, touching on some of the big picture highlights of what to expect in the coming year, and recapping a bit of 2013.

We will then check in with XCOR Chief Operating Officer Andrew Nelson, and he’ll  provide both his view of the highlights and fill us in on any really cool developments on the business end. You can check out a recent interview with Andrew regarding space policy here.

After that we will connect you with our engineers and team to discuss Lynx status and the Lynx experience, and answer any questions you may have about XCOR.

Sit tight, everything is about to accelerate once more.