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The Lynx Experience

A spaceflight participant will sit to the right and just aft of the pilot. Lynx will have a pressurized cabin; however, pilot and participant will wear full pressure suits during flight for safety in case of an emergency. The pressure suit will be custom designed for XCOR by one of the leading manufacturers of pressure suits such as David Clark Company orĀ Orbital Outfitters.

Prior to a Lynx flight, potential spaceflight participants will go through a screening process, which will take place over several days and includes familiarizing the participant with all aspects of the suborbital flight experience. To make their flight safer and more enjoyable, spaceflight participants will engage in medical screenings, seminars, and g-force training.  This is the basis of our Explorers Wanted.™ suborbital flight training program.

During the flight, participants will experience an exhilarating rocket ride to space, out-of-this-world views and the feeling of weightlessness.  The sky is black during the day and the curvature of the earth is visible, along with the 'thin blue line".  After re-entry, participants continue to enjoy this view until descending to lower altitudes and then landing from the same runway that the spaceplane intitally took off from.  Below is a graphic overview of the flight profile.

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Lynx with Dorsal Payload Pod
The View at Apogee from Lynx participant seat

Lynx flight profile


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