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Awards and Recognition

ANN’s Heroes of 2009 – Aero-News Network named XCOR a 2009 Hero among 10 people or organizations that did the most to promote the cause of aviation during the last year. Editor In Chief Jim Campbell said, “Jeff Greason’s small operation…continues to push the boundaries of what is considered to be the state-of-the-art in private space initiatives, hardware, and design.”

2007 Inc 500 -  Inc. Magazine selected XCOR for placement on its prestigious list of 500 fastest growing companies.  XCOR was ranked No. 446 overall with 646 percent three-year revenue growth from 2003 through 2006.

California Space Authority 2007 Spotbeam Award  - The award was being presented in recognition of XCOR’s efforts to develop a “green” fuel for rockets comprised of a mixture of methane and oxygen.

Time Magazine Space Invention of the Year 2007 - Awarded by Time Magazine for producing a protype rocket engine that could potentially be refuelled away from earth.

Pioneering Spaceflight Provider 2006 - awarded by the Space Frontier Foundation's "Teachers in Space" project, which "is designed to send scores of teachers to the fringe of outer space and back every year — and support the rise of the suborbital spaceflight industry at the same time."

Mojave Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Academics 2006

Scientific American 50 2002 - "This new award honors 50 individuals, teams, companies, or associations whose accomplishments during the previous year demonstrate they have a clear progressive view of the technological future, and the leadership, knowledge, and expertise to make that vision a reality."

Popular Science 15th Annual Best of What's New 2002 - Aviation and Space Category.
Each year, Popular Science reviews thousands of new products and innovations. The magazine chooses 100 winners in 10 categories that represent a significant step forward in each category.

Esquire "Best and Brightest of 2002" - Dan DeLong, XCOR's Chief Engineer, was named as one of Esquire magazine's "Best and Brightest" 43 People Who Will Revolutionize the World. DeLong is among 43 innovators Esquire magazine included in its list of emerging leaders who are reshaping our world. According to Esquire, "for more than a year, Esquire editors researched, interviewed, discussed, and identified scores of pioneers who are blazing a trail to a better world."

Time magazine Transportation Invention of the Year 2001 - "Senator John Glenn is not the only civilian who would enjoy rocketing into space, but chances are the rest of us won¹t be hitching a ride on a space shuttle anytime soon. We¹ll have to wait until private companies can take us there. Jeff Greason of Mojave, Calif., has done his part by creating the first low-cost, reusable rocket engines." (more)

Space Frontier Foundation 2002 Space Frontier Award - "Vision to Reality" 2002
The Foundation gives annual awards to space activists who have made, in the Foundation's view, the greatest contributions that year to opening the frontier. Categories include Service to the Frontier, Vision to Reality, and Vision of the Future.

Aero-News Network 2002 Annie - for significant contributions to aviation.  "ANN wanted to publicly recognize people and organizations that have furthered the cause of aviation, through service, through innovation, through determination, through plain ol' brilliance. These awards represent our gratitude for these contributions. "

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