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Press Release
XCOR EZ-Rocket Begins 2002 Test Program

Seventh Flight Test of Vehicle

Mojave, CA, Friday, January 11, 2002: - XCOR Aerospace began the 2002 EZ -Rocket test program yesterday with a test flight covered live on CNN. The EZ-Rocket was piloted by world famous test pilot, Dick Rutan, LTC, USAF, Ret. The 8 minute 35 second flight was in ideal weather at the Mojave Civilian Test Flight Center in Mojave, CA.

Test Pilot Dick Rutan said: "With each flight I get more comfortable with the vehicle. Now I'm not just focused on hanging on and keeping it pointed up, I'm also able to look at the various pressure gauges and see how the vehicle reacts." The flight achieved 8,500 feet with both rocket engines operating for a little over 2 minutes 22 seconds. Mike Melvill from Mojave piloted the chase plane. Also in the chase plane was CNN's Miles O'Brien, a licensed pilot, who provided commentary and interviews for the flight.

Photo by Mike Massee for XCOR Aerospace

Test Pilot Dick Rutan speaks to Miles O'Brien live on CNN Headline News shortly before takeoff.

XCOR Aerospace develops rocket engines necessary for creating cost effective orbital vehicles capable of human transport. XCOR CEO and President Jeff Greason stated: "One accomplishment today was to improve the way propellant is drained from the tanks. As a result, we increased the length of time the engines can run with the same tanks. The next big step to raise the money and contracts necessary to develop a larger vehicle capable of carrying a pilot and passengers to the edge of space. It's a significant business opportunity because the cost of a resuable vehicle is a fraction of current providers. We have reason to believe it will also be safer and more reliable than current vehicles and sounding rockets."

XCOR will conduct its second public demonstration of the EZ Rocket at Noon on Tuesday, January 22 at the Mojave Civilian Test Flight Center located at the Mojave, CA, airport, weather permitting.

XCOR Aerospace is a California corporation located in Mojave, California. The company is in the business of developing and producing safer, reliable and reusable rocket-powered vehicles and propulsion systems that enable affordable access to space.



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