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Board of Directors  
Michiel Mol

Michiel Mol was founding partner and Chief Executive Officer at Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), now XCOR Space Expeditions. He is one of Europe’s most successful e-businessmen of the past decades. Having graduated from Leiden University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, he started his own company Lost Boys international (LBi). In addition, he founded Media Republic and video game developer Guerilla Games, creators of the PlayStation exclusive series Killzone. The 44-year-old has a close association with Formula 1 and he is currently a co-owner of the Sahara ForceIndia Formula One team and Board member of the AmlinAguri Formula E Team. Along with his involvement in motorsport, a.o. Mr Mol is a member of the Advisory Board of The Communication Company, Humin and Associate Producer of ANNE, the theater production about the life of Anne Frank

Mark Hoogendoorn

After concluding his studies at the reknown Eindhoven University of Technology, Mark founded and managed a software development company, ISAAC in Eindhoven, one of Europe’s important technology centres. Intrigued by innovation and entrepreneurship he decided to combine his work for ISAAC with a family owned Venture Capital firm Swing Investments. In his role as first investment manager and later on General Manager Mark has realised and closed some important investments by Swing including those in XCOR.

Mark Hoogendoorn

Esther Dyson

Esther Dyson is a leading angel investor, philanthropist, and commentator, with a portfolio including not just space but health, human talent and various internet startups in the United States and emerging markets such as Russia and Africa.  

A board member at XCOR Aerospace since 2011, her investments also include Icon Aircraft, NanoRacks and Space Adventures.  Dyson also serves as a member of the NASA Advisory Council and as Chairman of its Technology and Innovation Subcommittee from 2010 to 2012.  From October 2008 to March 2009, she lived in Star City, Russia, training as a cosmonaut (as backup to space tourist Charles Simonyi and a client of Space Adventures).

She expects to catch her first ride to space with XCOR.  However, she still cannot drive a car.

Esther Dyson

Lee Valentine  

Dr. Lee Valentine has been involved in space development for three decades, He has been an investor in XCOR Aerospace since 2002. He is a director of Orbital Outfitters and was the initial outside investor. He is a general partner of V Aerospace Ventures, a private venture fund. He was the initial outside investor in SEEGRID Corp. the world's sole producer of autonomous, visually guided, industrial robots. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Space Studies Institute since 1980 and now serves as Chairman of the Board.

At SSI, he financed engineering models of the successful Lunar Prospector spacecraft. He financed the Mass Driver III test bed and, with EMEC Corp., the development of processes to refine aluminum on the Moon. He brought Prof. Yuri Raizer to SSI to perform analytic studies of laser shock dynamics in support of Prof. Leik Myrabo’s laser launch program at RPI. He also started and financed the initial closed ecology life support systems development by Prof. William Jewell at Cornell University.

Lee is the author of "A Space Roadmap: Mine the Sky, Defend the Earth, Settle the Universe", "Critical Trajectories for the Human Settlement of the High Frontier" and "Mass Drivers for Planetary Defense.'' He is coauthor, with Prof. William Jewell, of “The Engineering Trade Space for a Robust Closed Ecological Life Support System: A Suggested Technology Road Map.” He is also the editor of Settling Circumsolar Space: Space Manufacturing 13.

Dr. Valentine holds a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University and an M.D. from Jefferson Medical College. He is board certified in internal medicine and in emergency medicine.

Lee Valentine

Stephen Fleming  

Stephen Fleming has over ten years of private equity experience at the General Partner level. Prior to his venture capital career, he spent fifteen years in operations roles at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Nortel Networks, and LICOM (a venture-funded startup).

An Atlanta native and summa cum laude graduate of Georgia Tech, Stephen returned to his alma mater in mid-2005 as Chief Commercialization Officer. His appointment led a reorganization designed to streamline the handling of intellectual property, accelerate the licensing of technology, and make the Institute's resources more readily accessible to business and industry.

Stephen is also active in the "alternative space industry" and is an investor in several private spaceship companies. He serves on the Board of Trustees of Tech High School, a charter high school emphasizing science, math, and technology in urban Atlanta.

In March 2004, Mr. Fleming was invited to testify before the President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy (the "Aldridge Commission"); his remarks before that commission are available here.

Stephen Fleming

Jeff Greason  

Jeff Greason has 20 years of experience managing innovative technical project teams at XCOR Aerospace, Rotary Rocket Company (RRC), and Intel Corporation. He is the president and a co-founder of XCOR; leading an engineering team that has developed 11 different long life, highly reusable, liquid-fueled rocket engines using nitrous oxide, liquid oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide oxidizers, with kerosene, alcohol, ethane, hydrogen and other nontoxic propellants. Under Jeff’s leadership the company has also developed low cost liquid propellant piston pumps and two generations of piloted reusable rocket aircraft. The EZ-Rocket was flown 26 times, and the X-Racer flew 40 times, without a mishap. As part of his duties at XCOR, Jeff has had the final go/no-go decision responsibility on nearly 4,000 rocket engine test firings, 46 manned rocket flights, and he served as flight test engineer aboard one of the X-Racer flights. Jeff is also the co-inventor of XCOR’s Nonburnite technology, which combines aerospace fabrication practices with materials common in the semiconductor industry.

Jeff has led XCOR’s rocket engine projects by employing the management techniques he developed at Intel that focus on increasing the design-build-test cycle as a means of speeding research and development. At Intel, he developed leading edge techniques to prepare new generations of Intel computer chip designs for mass production, dramatically shortening the design, and production period. Intel management presented Jeff with a coveted Intel Achievement Award for his work on BiCMOS technology, which later became the basis for the Pentium processor. Prior to co-founding XCOR, he hired and managed the propulsion team at RRC, where he led technical development of the company’s rocket engines.

As a recognized expert in FAA/AST reusable launch vehicle (RLV) regulations, Jeff supervised XCOR’s reusable launch vehicle licensing efforts through completion in early 2003. He also provided support to the Mojave Airport on their successful application as the first inland spaceport and commercial launch site for reusable launch vehicles.
In July 2003, Jeff testified before the joint House/Senate subcommittee hearings on “Commercial Human Spaceflight.” He has maintained a close working relationship with AST since the 1998 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on RLV licensing. Jeff has been a member of the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) RLV working group since 2000 and now serves on the full COMSTAC. He is a co-founder and vice-chairman of the Personal Spaceflight Federation, a trade association for innovative launch companies. Jeff has testified before joint House/Senate subcommittee hearings on “Commercial Human Spaceflight” that addressed the transition from aircraft regulation to launch vehicle regulation for suborbital vehicles. In 2009 he was named to the President’s Human Space Flight Review Committee (Augustine Committee).

In 2002 Time magazine named Jeff as one of their “Inventors of the Year” for his team’s work on the EZ-Rocket. He holds 22 U.S. patents and graduated with honors from California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

Jeff Greason

Dan DeLong

Dan DeLong is a world-recognized innovator in rocket propulsion development. He has been designing, fabricating, and testing advanced prototype hardware and systems intended for extreme conditions for the last 36 years.

Dan co-founded XCOR in September 1999, where he is design lead for all new hardware development including 11 rocket engines and ignition systems, using alcohol, methane, ethane, nitroethane, and kerosene fuels and cryogenic oxidizers. The piston-pump-fed 1500 lb thrust LOX/kerosene engine on the X-Racer was his concept and preliminary design. He is also leading current building of the Lynx suborbital reusable launch vehicle and the advanced planning of the future XCOR orbital vehicle.

Dan was a co-founder of Rotary Rocket Company in 1997 where he was engineering lead over 17 people developing a 5,000 lb thrust high pressure rocket engine.

Prior to Rotary Rocket, Dan spent 10 years working on Space Station life support hardware and development projects for Boeing, and Space Shuttle payload hardware for Teledyne Brown. From 1974 through 1983, he developed military and commercial life support systems for Westinghouse and manned and unmanned underwater systems for Perry Oceanographics. He also owns rights to an orbital spaceplane concept he developed at Teledyne Brown.

In 2002 Esquire magazine named Dan as one of America’s “Best and Brightest” 43 People Who Will Revolutionize the World. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Cornell University. Dan flew as flight test engineer in the X-Racer in 2008. He is a pilot and a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Society for Materials (ASM), the Experimental Aircraft Association, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

Dan DeLong

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