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Our Team  

XCOR Aerospace is a spacecraft and rocket engineering company based in Mojave, California, in the process of expanding its corporate and R&D headquarters to Midland, Texas. The company has pioneered rapid development of long-life, reusable rocket engines for human transport applications for more than a decade, and employs around 100 people worldwide.

With operations at the Mojave Air and Space Port and Midland Air and Space Port, XCOR's team is comprised of aerospace professionals, engineers, airplane builders, mechanics, composite technicians, machinists, and other highly-skilled and experienced individuals. This well-rounded group brings innovative skills to the complex tasks required in successfully building Lynx, our first spacecraft, and in rocket propulsion-related hardware, systems, materials, and vehicles for commercial space flight. Our company functions as a tight-knit and cohesive group, and is not driven by a select few individuals. Every member plays an important part and typically wears more than a few hats.

Our team has up-to-date expertise in rapid prototyping and low cost development that has been demonstrated by designing, building, and hot fire testing more than twelve generations of rocket engines in eleven years (from 2000 through 2015). This accomplishment includes current work on the Lynx main engine (the XR-5K18, which will carry a pilot, participant and payloads to suborbital space), the four engines used in the piloted flights of the EZ-Rocket and the engines used on our second generation rocket-powered aircraft, the X-Racer.

XCOR’s founders have worked together continuously since 1997, and have dedicated themselves to safer, more reliable, and routine space flight. Our management team represents decades of experience directing design and fabrication of complex projects.
Our hobbies include flying, soaring, airplane homebuilding, alternative transportation, steam engines, robotics… and designing and building just about anything. Of course, our interests also include exploring the earth, skies, and oceans. The open and communicative environment of XCOR encourages us to be adventurous, creative, and experimental in everything we do.

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Our Team
The XCOR Team with Buzz Aldrin, Mojave Air and Space Port

rocket Racer Group Photo
The XCOR Team outside the company facilities at the Midland Air and Space Port



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