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Wet Leases

The Lynx is wet leased to suborbital spaceflight providers. Under this operating arrangement, XCOR will supply Lynx vehicles to operating locations in the free world as a turnkey package with all flight operations and maintenance performed by XCOR employees.  
Each operating location outside the United States will be subject to US export licensing and local regulatory environments. XCOR is experienced in these matters and will lead the effort, or as appropriate, facilitate these efforts on behalf of wet lease customers.

Explorers Wanted.TM

In addition to already announced wet-lease locations such as Curacao, Florida and South Korea, XCOR is currently seeking additional locations in the United States and in the free world.   XCOR designs, engineers, assembles, builds, maintains and operates these vehicles on a wet lease basis for spaceflight providers.

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Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft

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